Plantation, Florida, USA – February 19, 2021 – Activist Chris Nelson, considered by the media and local government to be a far right conservative, pro liberty, rights advocate for anti-face mask mandates and business closures across Broward County. Fined $100 by the county for not wearing facial covering during a protest against the issued Emergency Orders directed by the Board of County Commissioners and executed by Bertha Henry. The protest was at a Target retail store and involved many loyal followers for freedom and he was request to appear before the magistrate at Government Center West.  He claims that the local government’s mandate is based on “fake news” and believes that the public control is an overreach by the authorities to enslave the masses. He also claims that there is no proof that facial coverings will stop or slow the Covid-19 Coronavirus ending the pandemic. The news media claims this to be a conspiracy by QAnon and Donald Trump prior to the 2020 election as a distraction from the former president’s mis-steps during the beginning of outbreak and target President Joe Biden and the Democrats as socialists. Conservatives believe that the election was stolen with unverified votes, while Liberals believe that there was no “wrongdoing” and that the former president incited violence at the US Capitol.