Fort Lauderdale, Florida / USA – 2/27/2019: A stereotypical african american eating Kentucky Fried Chicken, aka KFC on a park bench for lunch. “Finger licking good” as the catch phrase goes back in the day. This homeless black man is a product of american racism and bigotry and is being stereotyped here in this photo. It is part of the series known as Black Lives Matter, BLM, a time and a place in history which is depicting the plight felt by African Americans by oppressing forces by the white man propagated by the media.  Messages are mixed as George Floyd is murdered by a rogue bad cop and good hard working police officers with families are being killed in the streets for doing their job, to protect the public. This is forgotten man sitting here just trying to enjoy his meal away from all the chaos, enjoying a meal, not to be judged by his choice. He is being manipulated by an unknown all powerful force.