Invasive non-native Lesser Antillean Green Iguana lizard in the grass near a drainage canal by the road between the Everglades and intercoastal in South Florida near Miami Dade & Palm Beach County.

Broward County and all of South Florida including Miami-Dade County, Palm Beach County and Monroe County have a huge problem of these non-native and very invasive Green Iguanas. While they are typically only plant eating, (i.e. Hibiscus flowers) they have no natural predator to keep them in check within the food chain. Populating near waterways, they are breeding and becoming larger in numbers each year. Problems include damaged vegetation, residential home intrusion and damage to property with their high acidic faecal matter.  Homeowners have been hiring pest removal services, reporting them to their local municipalities and have even gone to the extreme of killing these lizard on their own.  The Green Iguana can grow quite large when unchecked by nature and an endless source of food, most local residents consider them pests and unwanted inhabitants to their yards and would like to see them gone.